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Rusted from the Rain

The title I chose to use today is a song title I love. I feel this title describes me well as the person I have become over the years. I have changed according to the things I have been through, hence having been rusted from the rain.

While I do believe what I wrote from my first post about nature being a large predictor of who a person becomes, I have been offered some advice from a reader which I feel is necessary and helpful to share. Depression and anxiety often stem from the brain as a chemical imbalance.  Seems like a simple solution right? Just pop some meds and you’ll be just fine! However, it appears there is much more to it, and I would like to share an interesting article I came across.

Perhaps our feelings will never make sense. Some people laugh at funerals even though they are sad and others cry at weddings although they are happy. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you.

Another friend gave some great advice which I would like to exit with today. Normal doesn’t exist. We strive for normal, but what defines normal? The truth is that no one is normal. They are only themselves and that should be good enough. The problem is my brain tells me otherwise…who I am is not acceptable because I don’t make enough money and I don’t own a house and I feel unfulfilled overall. With enough help, I hope I will learn to accept myself and my achievements.


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